about 365 project

for two consecutive years (2009/2010) i had decided on attempting a new years resolution (for 2009 i gave up potato chips... i KNOW!?, and 2010 was all about racing, 12 races in 12 months). unlike other years,  i actually completed what i set out to do in both of those years. so why not try for a third year, right?

for my new years resolution of 2011 i chose the 365 project, which i also successfully completed. after putting it all together on december 31st, i decided i enjoyed it so much i wanted to do it again for 2012. 

2013 was a bit different as we were expecting our first child, so i ended the project, but chose again to start on may 20th with the arrival of our son. i think this will be a great way to document his first year of life!

i really enjoy taking photos of anything and everything (most things were very random). since we got married on january 1st, 2011, it was really cool to start the "
365 project" that day and "photograph" our first year of marriage, and i look forward to maybe doing this project as a new years resolution again one day.