about me

i listen to country music. i dont like capital letters and only use punctuation when absolutely necessary. ive had the same best friend my whole life despite living 1000 miles apart. i can type without looking. after going almost 29 years refusing to even try one, i finally ate a very small bite of a pickle. yuck. i most definitely sing while driving, most often times pretending i am the next american idol. i have the most ridiculous obsession with hooded sweatshirt strings and shane battier. guitar hero continues to tell me "you rock" so ill go with that. i believe there needs to be 25 hours in a day, maybe 26 on saturdays. i still have a childhood blankie that lives in my pillowcase. i like my eggs sunny side up. i run long distances for fun and often pay a lot of money to do so. i prefer the window seat. my friends and family mean everything to me. i only like fine point pens and mechanical pencils. the 6 months i lived in phoenix were some of the best and worst months of my life. i wet my toothbrush before putting the toothpaste on. for my new years resolution of 2009 i gave up potato chips. no one thought i would make it. the number of flip flops & sneakers i own greatly outnumbers hair products/makeup. i do believe i have an addiction to coffee and text messaging. i never carry cash. i believe you can still look cute when youre sick. my cars name is kurt. i ♥ wearing sweatpants.